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It’s a common statistic – 90% of businesses don’t make it past 5 years. Everyone thinks theirs will be different – but what differentiates between those who fail and those who succeed?

A proper sales AND marketing plan.

For most businesses, especially B2B, marketing on its own doesn’t generate enough sales. Without sales, you don’t have a business. So, many businesses focus entirely on sales and ignore marketing Or, they have a great vision, well developed brand identity, understand their target customer and have ads in all the right places. But they don’t have anyone who can close the deal.

At MILAR we recognize that marketing and sales go hand in hand and we can help you meet your sales and marketing goals – either by advising your company so your staff can get better results, or by doing sales and/or marketing for you. We sit down with you, analyze your current marketing and sales strategies (or lack thereof) and chart for you a course for success in the right country or market for you. Whether you need sales consulting advice, marketing strategy services, or a combination of the two, we have the experience to help you succeed.

Some of the areas we have extensive experience in:

B2B Sales Consulting – Targeting other businesses requires a different touch than going after the B2C market. Whether you have a product or service you are trying to sell, we can do everything from identifying if you are targeting the right market, train your staff to close those deals, and more.

Find Foreign Distributors – Sometimes the solution isn’t to work harder to have your sales team close international deals, but simply to find a distributor to do it for you. Let MILAR find the right distributor for your product and make the connections you need to close the deal, and move on to relationship management instead of chasing leads.

Pre & Post Sales – Revenue from a customer does not end after the deal is closed. It is 66% easier to obtain additional profit from an additional customer than to acquire a new one. For this you’ll need customer service, post sales, and or tech support teams. We will build and prepare your team to handle clients in any country or time zone.

Road to Market Strategy – You have a great product but you have no idea how to sell it, which markets to target, what milestones you should have for your company’s growth, etc. Our extensive experience across market research, logistics, manufacturing and more, will help get your product into your customer’s hands, and their money in your pocket.

Marketing Strategy Consulting – You have a great product or service, and happy clients. However, you can’t seem to move the needle to get new clients on board. Your problem may be your lack of marketing. Let us show you where your marketing efforts are holding you back, and where to focus your budget for the biggest ROI.

Branding your product is about more than a logo or color scheme – it’s about the story you want to tell to your partners and customers. We will work with you to identify your strengths, what your potential client is looking for, and how to position your product or service in the most appealing way. For example, we advised a produce distributor to revise packaging to better fit refrigerator doors, which resulted in increased sales.

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