Doing business internationally requires an international negotiations consultant

Cross-cultural negotiations – there is a reason why each nation has its own diplomat to another country. Dealing with different cultures requires knowledge, finesse, and most importantly, experience. MILAR has these qualifications and can help you to do your business internationally.

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Negotiations consultant – talk to us before your meeting overseas, or bring us with you to seal the best deal.

Cross-cultural insights – What’s the appropriate way to greet a potential customer in Russia, or the UK? Know when it’s appropriate to bring gifts, shake hands, or even have a few shots during a meeting, as your potential partners test your sensitivity to their culture to see if you are a worthy partner.

Setting up a meeting – Don’t understand why you can’t land a meeting in New York? Or why no matter how many meetings you have in Holland, not one of them progresses beyond chit chat? We know how to navigate those hurdles that keep you from even getting a meeting.

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